Turkey Moves To Confront Kurdish Issue

The issue of rights for Kurds is among the most divisive in Turkey and Iraq. Both nations confront guerrilla warfare being conducted by members of the Kurdistan Workers’ Party(PKK) which demands an independent Kurdish state. The government of Prime Minister Erdogan is attempting to open a dialogue with Kurds in their nation in order to address their legitimate anger at prejudice and lack of economic opportunities. The government on Wednesday said it would take “courageous’ steps to promote more democracy and work with Kurds. Instead of supporting such efforts, the opposition Nationalist Movement Party (MHP) denounced the move as an effort to legitimize ethnic separation. MHP leader Deviet Bahgeli interpreted the move as evidence the prime minister “shows no will to fight terrorism” and is prepared to “surrender to terror by acting as subcontractor of separatist demands.”

Erdogan is not seeking to encourage separatism but he is attempting to incorporate the people of his nation who are of Kurdish heritage by fostering a feeling that it is possible to be a Kurd and enjoy full benefit of Turkish law.