Turkey Not Satisfied with Iraq Government Response

The Turkish government is growing increasingly angry at actions by Kurdish separatist forces that operate within the boundary of the current nation of Iraq. The Turkish government wants Iraq to take a forceful stand against Kurdish separatists, but the Kurds essentially function as an independent country, although still technically part of Iraq.

In addition to all of its problems with terrorist factions within Iraq, the government might now be dragged into the middle of Kurdish efforts to force Turkey to grant autonomy to eastern areas of their country which contain significant numbers of Kurdish people. There is fear within Baghdad that Turkish military units might cross the border in pursuit of Kurdish rebels. What then? Will American forces protect the Iraq border against Turkish military efforts?

This situation brings once again to the fore the lack of planning on the part of the Bush administration. Anyone with knowledge of this region knew of the potentiality of problems that would arise with the downfall of Saddam. It was obvious to even those with meager knowledge of the Kurdish conflict with Turkey that an independent Kurd nation would be regarded as a threat by Turkey. Did any of Bush’s advisors foresee this problem? (We know he paid scant attention to the Colin Powell State Department). If so, is there a plan?
Information from Turkish Daily News