Turkey Proposes Middle East Peace University

This past week, the Turkish government hosted a meeting between President Peres of Israel and President Abbas of the Palestinian Authority in an effort to further the cause of Middle Eastern peace. President Gul after some initial discussions with the rector of Bilkent University is urging a follow up by creating an institution of higher learning in Jerusalem which would serve students from Israel and Palestine. Al-Qads University in Jerusalem may also have been contacted to support the venture which hopefully can open as soon as next year with a school of medicine that would be the largest in the Middle East. the proposed name of the new institution would be the University of Peace.

This is an excellent idea to bring together young people not only from Palestine and Israel, but from other Arab nations in an environment which would be dedicated to fostering peace. Hopefully, faculty would be draw from all backgrounds and a possible outcome might be creating a School of Education whose primary mission would be developing a peace curriculum to be used throughout the Middle East

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