Turkey Pushes For Israel-Syria Peace Agreement

The Turkish government is assuming a proactive role in seeking to create stability in the Middle East. Foreign Minister Ali Babacan is working with Israel and Syrian diplomats in an effort to resolve issues between those two countries in order to foster the creation of a Middle East that is not wracked by violence. Both Israel and Syria have agreed to allow Turkey to serve as mediator although Babacan is also drawing upon the expertise of Egyptian Foreign Minister Aboul Gheit to assist in ending the Syrian-Israel conflict. The mediation effort is currently hampered by political problems impacting Israel Prime Minister Olmert who will probably resign over corruption charges against him.

The Israel-Syria meetings reflect an important factor in the Middle East. It is important to remove the Bush-Rice tag to any mediation efforts because America has lost all credibility as an impartial nation. It is time to draw upon moderate Islamic nations such as Turkey and allow them to assume the role of working to create peace in the Middle East. The United States no longer has such a role to play as long as Bush is president of the country.