Turkey Reaches Out To Kurds

The history of Turkey has been replete with constant warfare against Kurds in the country who believe themselves subjected to discrimination and have been fighting for a separate nation. That dream is not possible since no Turkish government would allow a portion of the country to become a new nation. However, the Turkish government has launched a new initiative which seeks to connect with moderate Kurds and establish some form of local autonomy. Government officials met with representatives from the Peace and Democracy Party(BDP) in order to initiate a dialogue. These sessions came on the heels of a urging by the BDP to Kurds which urged a boycott of the nation’s schools for a week in protest against failure to provide Kurdish children with instruction in their native language. There are unconfirmed reports Turkish officials have opened a dialogue with imprisoned Kurdish leader, AbdullarhOcalan.

The talks come in the aftermath of a national referendum which seeks to revise the Turkish Constitution and end several anti-religious sections. On one hand, secular supporters are concerned the religious right might revise the Constitution in order to strike down secular rights. On the other hand, the European Union insists on Constitutional changes which would control military leaders from exerting control. Who knows, perhaps, Kurds, religious leaders, secular groups and who knows what can one day all come together and live in peace.