Turkey Seeks Mediation Role In Georgia War

Turkey, which has close ties to both Georgia and Russia is seeking to play the role of mediator as war rages around the breakaway South Ossetia capital where supposedly there are hundreds of tanks and thousands of troops battling one another. Turkey is home to thousands of immigrants from areas like South Ossetia which have separated from Georgia, and the last thing the Turkish government needs is to get them involved in the conflict. In a sense, Turkey is caught in the middle since it seeks close relations with Russia but supports Georgia’s integration within the western world by joining NATO and the European Union. Georgia also daily supplies Turkey with oil.

There are reports hundreds of volunteers from Turkey are headed back to the scene of the fighting which places even greater need for the Turkish government to use its offices in a hope of restoring peace to the region. The government of Georgia undoubtedly is attempting to regain control of the small areas which have broken away in order to demonstrate to the European Union its nation is viable. Georgia feels a need to enter NATO in order to have support against Russian aid to these breakaway regions.

Turkey stands in the middle, greatly concerned about its relations with Russia but also in need for oil from Georgia.

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