Turkey Shocked Over Death Of Female Peace Activist!

The rape and murder of Italian artist-activist, Pippa Bacca, shocked Turks and aroused anger that so many men feel justified in using violence against women in order to assert their power. Turkish art critic Beral Madra voiced the strong feelings of many women in noting: “Turkey is proud of those men who have license to kill because they are considered the guardians of honor in the country. This is acepted by the masses and has been polished by the religious-oriented politicians since the 1980s, by the TV culture since the 1970s, and before that by the Yesilcam cinema sector.” Until the Turkish penal code was changed n 2004, if a man charged with raping a minor married the vicim, charges against him were dropped, and the penal code still recognizes “unjust provocation” as a cause to reduce punishment in cases of violence against women. One assumes “unjust provocation” was some behavior on part of the woman that “caused” the male to act in a violent manner.

In some areas of Turkey, female politicians like Mayor Gulcihand Simsek, have negotiated with trade unions to ensure if a man behaves violently toward his wife, she is now entitled to receive part of his wages, and he can lose his job if violence continues. An ongoing problem is when a woman goes to the police all she encounters are men. There is need for more female members of the police, particularly in units dealing with family violence.

  • Nebahat Erpolat

    This is yet another shocking and shamedly brutal truth regarding the patriarchal violent male culture in Turkish society today. Whist the majority of the people in Turkey may want to go on with their daily lives in denial of the daily male violence against women here in Turkey, there are those of us through unmarked fear will protest and will make ourselves heard of such human atocities in order to call upon governmental and international law for change, to protect women in Turkey.

    I am in the belief that women in Turkey will not achieve legal and social equality without creating uproars of anger and union against such brutal acts such as the rape and murder of Italian artist-activist, Pippa Bacca. We need to call upon both women and men of Turkey an

  • http://www.theimpudentobserver.com Fred Stopsky

    Well said.