Turkey Slammed For Human Rights Violations

A European Commission is meeting with Turkish officials to discuss the presence of extensive torture and abuse of people in prisons as well as the general population. The EU commission was told there had been a significant increase in reports of violations of human rights and people being subject to torture. A major factor is the lack of reform of the judicial process as well as insufficient supervision of police. A law passed in 2007 gave police leeway in having the power to stop and search people and there is limited impartial supervision of police abuses. It was noted during demonstrations police are known to use rough tactics including beating and torturing suspects. Of the 96,000 people in prison, only 40% have been tried and found guilty which suggests the need for extensive reform of the judicial system.

A survey undertaken by the Turkish Daily News reveals only 36% of Turks are completely against any form of torture while half agree with moderate torture of terrorist suspects. About 18% police do not believe any bars should be placed in an interrogation of terrorists.

It would be interesting to find out what people mean by “limited torture.”

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