Turkey Tenders Syria Advice

An adviser to President Gul of Turkey has offered sensible advice to the neighboring country of Syria. Ersat Hurmuzlu quietly told the Syrian government,
waiting for the protests to end to make reform is the wrong approach. Necessary reforms should be made now, not later. Leaders should be brave.” He emphasized that a stable Syria is important not only for Turkey, but for the entire region. The time to act is now and a waiting game might turn out to be disastrous for President Bashar al-Assad.

The essence of leadership is pushing one’s own administrative structure to accomodate reality, and not avoid what is happening on the streets of Syria. Hurmuzlu pointed out people in Syria are pouring out, ‘not for food, but for their dignity” as humans. At this point, Assad confronts a nation seeking change, and he can wait, he can resort to the use of power that his father so enjoyed or he can become a transformative leader.

Anger is building in Syria. Assad has to decide if he can surrender power and become an admired leader or he can wait too long as did Mubarak and become an object of revenge.