Turkey To EU-We Are Moving Toward Full Democracy

The ruling Justice and Development Party(AKP) of Turkey is pushing through Constitutional amendments aimed at bolstering democratic procedures and rights in the nation. The package of rights includes creating an ombudsman who will have power to inspect state agencies to ensure human rights and ethics are being respected. One amendment is aimed at the current effort by the Constitutional Court to close down the AKP on grounds it seeks to foster creation of an Islamic society. New laws make it more difficult for prosecutors to take action to close down political parties except in cases where they are seeking violent action against government authority.

The new amendments creates primaries for political parties and members of the legislature must declare their financial assets. The package places great emphasis on gender equality. “The state shall take necessary measues including legal and administrative arrangements to make sure that men and women are equal in every field.” A provision also expands the rights of children and gives them to right to express their opinions freely.