Turkey Totters On Freedom Issue

President Abdullah Gul is at a crossroads in the history of his nation. During the past few decades, Turkey, for the most part, has been a stable society that is dedicated to the concept of democracy in the Middle East. Unfortunately, Prime Minister Recep Erdogan has allowed power to consume his every move in life. Unless, the idea if his idea, unless the group or person speaking is one who adheres to his ideas, then that speech must be haltered and someone sent to prison. Erdogan has simply become consumed with power and the struggles that go along with insisting that all power remains in one hand. Turkey has more people in jail than any other nation.

President Gul insists that “security, stability and peace” are necessary for a democratic society. He argues, “doubtless, there are different opinions in democracies, but competition for all these opinions in a civilized manner is also necessary.” Absolutely. But, what happens when your prime minister refuses to behave in a civilized manner toward those who have differing opinions?