Turkey Wants An Apology -Again!

The government of Syria is demanding an apology from Syria after mobs in Damascus attacked its embassy causing considerable damage to the facility. “Turkey is expecting a formal apology through diplomatic channels.” Turkey has done a wonderful job in supporting efforts of Syrians who are fighting to  establish a democratic government in their nation. Turkey has every right to insist its embassy grounds should be respected.

However, Syria now joins the list of nations from whom Turkey wants apologies. Armenia is on the list because its government still talks about the Armenian genocide. Turkey simply does not believe any such event ever occurred. In reality, Armenians were taken away in space ships and sent to the planet of Xul. Turkey wants an apology from Israel for causing the death of innocent civilians.

Yes, Turkey is entitled to apologies from Israel and Syria. But, life goes on with or without apologies. Turkey should continue its good work in Syria, with or without apologies from anyone. A triumph of Syrians against their government is the best apology.