Turkey Weighs Attacking Kurds In Iraq

Members of the Kurdish Workers Party (PKK) who have been engaged in fighting for an end to Turkish rule, ambushed and killed 15 Turkish soldiers over the weekend. This follows last week’s gunning down of 12 civilians who were part of a self defense force for their village. Turkish Kurds seek to separate their areas from the Turkish nation and become part of the new nation of Kurdistan which was formed after the American invasion of Iraq. Technically speaking, Kurds are still part of Iraq, but, for all intensive purposes they function as a semi-autonomous nation. Turkey’s prime minister met with leaders of the army to weigh the possibility of crossing the border into Iraq while pursuing Kurdish rebels. Iraq and Turkey signed an agreement to cooperate with one another, but they could not agree on Turkey’s request for the right to pursue Kurdish rebels back into Kurdistan.

The situation in Kurdistan is volatile and can lead to a Turkish attack, with or without provocation. The Turkish press is championing the need for an attack much like the American media urged taking out Saddam Hussein. The United States is once again caught in the middle, which way to go? Should the US support Turkey’s right of pursuit? America has claimed a similar right in pursuing Iraqi terrorists.