Turkey Will Not Allow Israel Fly Over To Iran

There undoubtedly are members of the Israeli armed forces who are making plans for air strikes against Iran in order to destroy that nation’s nuclear capabilities. However, according to a senior analyst in Turkey, if any Israel planes flew over that country the air force would intercept and shoot down the planes. The prospect of Turkey allowing Israel to attack a fellow Muslim nation is simply out of the range of possibility. As the analyst noted: “Even tacit approval of such an operation would go against everything Turkey stands for and would throw the balance of power in the region into chaos.” The Turkish government assumes President Obama will never sanction such an Israeli operation for fear of completely ending any possibility of peace in the region.

A glance at the map reveals that Israel must fly over other nations in order to attack Iran. No Muslim nation will sanction such air flights and Israel lacks aircraft carriers to carry out a raid. The only hope for Israel is to become serious and engage in peace talks with President Abbas. An air attack would transform Israel into the most hated nation in the world.

  • Erdogan

    Israel will be wiped off the map, if it continues on this path.