Turkey’s Political Opposition Blasts Ruling AKP

Devlet Bahceli, leader of the opposition Nationalist Movement Party(MHP), claimed the ruling Justice and Developmnt Party(AKP) led by Prime Minister Erdogan, is using the attempt by the prosecutor’s office to close it down as a strategy of placing itself as a victim rather than confronting real issues that have occurred during its administration of the nation. He believes Prime Minister Erdogan wants to utilize the “closure case” as a means of playing the “victim” in order to cover up corruption during his administration.

The Turkish political leader was also critical of the European Union which has urged Turkey not to pursue the closure case since it would result in political change taking place by the judiciary rather than allowing the Turkish people to make such decisions. “The EU has tried to become a support system for the AKP”said Bahceli. The Republcian People’s Party(CHP) joined in the assault on the European Union by claiming it lacked a sense of Turkish history which places secular rule as the center of government.

Prime Minister Erdogan and the AKP have worked carefully to avoid being cast as a “Muslim party” which endeavors to install the rule of Sharia law. It has respected secular feelings and the main issue is its desire to allow Muslim female students to wear a headscarf while attending university classes. The headscarf issue is a sensitive one and it may well frighten secular forces which regard it as but the first step in the enforcement of an Islamic system of government. But, closing down a political party on the basis of one issue is hardly the manner in which to create a society in which free speech is critically important.