Turkish Activist Killed In Police Station

Nineteen Turkish police officers are confused how a prisoner who was in their custody somehow wound up dying of a cerebral hemorrhage. They told investigators the death of the prisoner was a mystery and it was unfair pointing in their direction. Engin Ceber, was beaten to death in the police station according to medical staff who examined his body. Ceber and three of his friends were arrested by police for the crime of distributing a left-wing journal on the street. The gallant nineteen insisted all they had done was to use “proportional force” in dealing with the violent men who were armed with journals!

Ceber’s friends told the media they had been threatened and beaten by police officers. However, a policeman identified as Officer A.B. said: “we didn’t beat these individuals during that time. We intervened only within the bounds of due force under the law. I do not know how Engin Ceber died.” The three men say they were beaten by a fat policeman. I am certain Turkish police officials will insist there are no fat policemen in the force.

The Minister of Justice did admit that Ceber had been beaten to death. At least one police official can tell the truth.