Turkish Advice To Iran

The Turkish government has endeavored to maintain solid relations with Iran and, in many cases, defended their government against western actions. However,when Turkey accepted NATO and US offers of Patriot missile defense systems,  certain people in Tehran became rather upset. President Ahmadinejad exploded with vitriolic claiming the installation of such systems was a “provocative act” against peace in the region. Turkish Foreign Minister Davutogu responded with some advice to the Iranian government. “Our expectation from Iran is not for it to deliver statements on the arrival of defensive systems, but instead for it to give a very clear and sharp message to the Syrian regime. It should use its weight to help end the oppression in Syria.”

As the Turkish government made clear, it is not the West, it is not the US, and in this one case, not even Israel which is the culprit, it is a petty vicious tyrant named Bashar al-Assad. Statement by the Iranian military that such defensive systems are part of a plot to “create a world war” are simply nonsense.