Turkish Airplanes Strike At Kurd Rebels In Iraq

Turkish airplanes hit an are in northern Iraq as part of the campaign to wipe out members of the outlawed Kirdish Workers’ Party(PKK). As usual, planes attacked mountainous areas where the terrorists are hiding and according to Turk military sources the area was rendered “ineffective,” whatever that means. Prime Minister Erdogan told an Al Jazeera TV reporter, “our target is terrorism and only terrorism, and the operations were 100% successful.” Turkish Foreign Minister Ali Babacan said his nation’s air attacks in Iraq are not intended to destabilize the Iran government but are made solely with the aim of bringing stability to the region.

The Turkish government is not going to destroy “terrorism” by bombing mountain areas. The solution with Kurds is a political, not a military one. The miilitary history of bombing mountain areas or jungles is one of repeated failure and the Turk attempt to wipe out Kurdish “terrorists” by dropping some bombs is doomed to the same end– total failure.

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