Turkish Anger Escalates Over Kurdistan Attacks

The attack a few days ago by members of the outlawed Kurdistan Workers’ Party(PKK) provides incentive for war advocates in Turkey to escalate demands that only military action is the solution in dealing with legitimate grievances of Kurds in their country. Last Friday’s attacks which resulted in the death of about a dozen Turkish soldiers came just as Parliament was discussing giving its nation’s military even more leverage in striking into Iraq in pursuit of rebel forces. It is now clear just about every political party in Turkey is ready to give the military almost unlimited power to attack where they so desire regardless if it means sending thousands of troops into Iraq.

Ironically, the European Union was urging Turkey to focus on domestic efforts to deal with needs of its Kurdish population, but since the PKK attacks, it will cease playing a role of restraint and join the movement toward military solutions of problems. The Turkish military was talking about domestic solutions, but it is now determined to use full force in crushing the PKK. As always, when terrorism is handled by military tactics, human rights suffer and wise diplomacy gets lost in the shuffle to invade and kill the enemy.