Turkish Bar Chair Utters Words Of Hate!

Muammer Aydin, head of the Instanbul Bar Association, added fuel to the fire of religious discord when he sharply condemned the quality of education afforded students attending religious based schools. In response to a decision by the Higher Education Board(YOK) to end discriminatory grading of those who graduate from vocational schools and seek entry into higher education, Mr. Aydin also implied that graduates from religious schools should never bee deemed equal to graduates from other schools. “Equality is something that should be observed among equal people” was the comment of a man who heads a bar association.

Mr. Aydin, when challenged by lawyers who had graduated from religious schools argued they never should have been allowed to become lawyers since they did not take math courses. A jurist has a responsibility to respect human rights regardless of whether the person comes from a religious or a secular background. There is abundant evidence in the United States that thousands of graduates from religious high schools readily gain entrance into the best universities.