Turkish Bigots Refuse Acknowledging Genocide

A group of Turkish intellectuals offered an apology to Armenians for the genocide committed committed against their ancestors by the Ottoman empire. The genocide has been documented over and over by historians but most people in Turkey prefer believing in the fairy tale that a minority Armenian population somehow was able to overwhelm the Turkish army and carry out a genocide against well armed men who had modern weapons. Nationalists rose to the “challenge” by insisting it was the Armenians who were the culprits. Nationalist Movement deputy, Erzurum Zeku Ertugay insisted, “A stain of shame like genocide has never taken p lace in the history of the Turkish nation.”

As the petition says: “I cannot conscientiously accept the indifference to the great disaster that Ottoman Armenians suffered in 1915, and its denial. I reject this injustice and, acting of my own will, I share the feelings and pains of my Armenian brothers and sisters, and I apologize to them.” Well said and mature.