Turkish Business Leaving Northern Iraq Fearing War

As rumors continue circulating about a potential armed thrust into the Kurdish region by Turkish troops in hot pursuit of Kurdish rebels, Turkish businessmen are packing up to go home. There are extensive projects in Kurdistan that are operated by Turkish businessmen, but according to Ahamd Ajar, head of the Turkish Businessmen Society, “Major companies are ending their work in northern Iraq on the way to return home.” This ending of business follows on the heels of Iranian businessmen being forced to halt activities due to American pressure and closing of border crossings from Kurdistan to Iran. Kurds estimate they are losing at least a $1,000,000 a day because of American actions against Iran.

There is apparent need for the United States and representatives of the Kurdish semi-independent government to reach some agreement that would end attacks by Kurdish rebels in Turkey. These continued attacks which result in death of Turkish soldiers and civilians only serves to heighten tension. There is also need for the United States to cease interfering in the affairs of Kurdistan by deciding who can do business on their territory. The Kurds apparently want an Iranian business presence and should have that right.