Turkish Children Urged Not To Hate

Thank God Glenn Beck, Bill O’Reilly and Rush Limbaugh do not work in the Turkish media because they would be furious the Education Minister of that nation gave a lecture to the children urging them not to participate in any hatred toward those who they believe are different from their own group. He sent a circular to all schools urging educators to begin the year with lectures and activities that emphasize the importance of respect for all people. Education Minister Nimet Cubukcu, in her lecture to the children, told them “tolerance means to be able to listen to those who not defend the same idea as you, without getting angry.” Prime Minister Erdogan praised the new initiative.

There are no reports of Turkish parents pulling their children out of these efforts to stimulate respect for all people. There are no reports of angry Tea Party activists shouting hatred toward “the government” for interfering in the right of parents to preach hatred. Just imagine if President Obama compelled all schools to have students devote the opening week of school discussing gender equity issues or the need to cease discriminating against people. Wow, this sure is SOCIALISM IN ACTION IN A MUSLIM NATION!