Turkish Courts Move Toward Closure

The Turkish Constitutional Court is moving toward a decision within the coming weeks that will most probably result in closing down the leading political party in the country on grounds it has violated the secular nature of the nation. The Chief Prosecutor is presenting his arguments and then the Justice and Development Party(AKP) will offer a rebuttal. After both sides have been heard, a court appointed rappoteur will present a non-binding opinion on the case. Members of the court will meet in a closed session to discuss the case and reach their conclusions.

The AKP is seeking a quick verdict which they expect will go against them. Prime Minister Erdogan and, most probably, about 70 other members of Parliament will be banned from running for office for several years. The AKP will be dissolved and its members forced to organize a new political party.

The Justice and Development Party is an important one for the Muslim world. As of this date, it has respected secular institutions except for the case of allowing women to wear a headscarf while attending college. Turkey has some flaws in its democracy, but it does stand out in the Muslim world as a nation that wants to move in the direction of modernity.