Turkish Foreign Minister Warns US And Israel

Turkish Foreign Minister Ali Babacan warned the United States and Iraq to take a firm stand in curbing what he termed aggressive actions by the Kurdish Workers Party (PKK) in order to avoid creating diplomatic problems. “We expect the United States and the Iraq government to take urgent and concrete steps in handing over the PKK terrorists to justice.” There is no doubt elements of Kurdish opposition forces are using the sanctuary of Iraq in order to launch attacks on Turkey. The Foreign Minister also warned the United States and Israel not to support Armenian demands for condemnation of Turkey’s slaughter of hundreds of thousands of Armenians about ninety years ago. “We have warned the United States Congress to not take any sides in historical matters like this.” Babacan also met with representatives of the Anti Defamation League and the American Jewish League in hope they would exert pressure on Congress not to pass a resolution condemning Turkey’s massacre of innocent Armenians.

Unfortunately, the ADL caved into Babacan’s demands fearing a Turkish rupture with Israel, but Nancy Pelosi has made clear her support for a congressional resolution. On one hand, Turkey asks America to avoid making comments about its government’s policies regarding issues like wearing the headscarf, and, on the other hand, it believes Turkey has the right to dictate what is debated and legislated in the American Congress. Nancy Pelosi is correct, the resolution must be passed or we dishonor the memory of those people who died in a needless massacre.