Turkish Gambit For Peace In Asia

The Turkish government of Prime Minister Erdogan, who represents a Muslim oriented direction for his nation, has been active in pursuing opportunities to foster peace in the Middle East. Erdogan has been heavily involved in bringing together Syria and Israel in order to resolve problems between the two nations. Erdogan has now turned his direction toward the growing conflict between Pakistan and Afghanistan. Feridum Sinirliogu of the Foreign Ministry has been holding talks with both Pakistan and Afghanistan and is seeking to hold a trilateral summit involving the three nations. There previously was a trilateral summit between the nations in 2007 but Erdogan believes there is now need for further discussions in order to achieve unity in the fight against terrorism and for stability.

A continuing failure on the part of the Bush administration has been its refusal to draw upon nations such as Turkey in order to place a Muslim nation in the leadership role of working to foster peace and stability.