Turkish Government Threatens Freedom

The ruling Justice and Development party of Turkey has a tremendous responsibility to all Muslims in the world. At present, it represents a “moderate Muslim” political party which works within a democratic framework in Turkey and thus demonstrates that fears once Muslims gain power they abuse the rights of non-Muslims lacks a foundation in reality. Turkey’s Supreme Election Board(YSK) vetoed the right of 12 Kurdish candidates to run in June elections. Among the banned candidates are seven members of the pro-Kurdish Peace and Democratic Party(DBP) which works to restore relations between members of the Kurdish minority and the nation.

If the DBP stays out of the election process it only encourages forces seeking a violent resolution with the Turkish government to become more powerful. Reality is the Justice and Development Party will win the election. It is stupidity of the highest order to ban candidates who seek peaceful resolution of problems. It also sends a message to the world that moderate Muslim political parties can not be trusted to adhere to democratic principles.