Turkish Leader Tweets Against Tweets

Turkish Prime Minister Recep Erdogan has enjoyed being on television and presenting his ideas about what is good or bad for his nation. He does enjoy the limelight of media when it offers him opportunities to discuss issues of the day. However, his attitude has undergone a change over the past few months as day after day and week after week, the social media offers viewers stories about corruption in the government of Turkey. A few weeks ago, the social media revealed a secret conversation the prime minister held with his son in which they discussed how to hide some money whose presence was best kept hidden from the public. In addition, YouTube has offered numerous examples of corruption in the government which compelled a few members of Erdogan’s Cabinet to resign. It is one thing when Erdogan says, “depart” and another when the social media forces a departure.

The prime minister told Turkish TV station ATV that action is planned to end this open discussion of his government. “There are new steps we will take in that sphere after March 30..including a ban on YouTube and Facebook.” Politicians are always against corruption–by their enemies!