Turkish Nationalists Attack Christians

Christians constitute about one percent of the people of Turkey, but to some nationalist groups in the nation, the minority contains the power to one day throw out Muslims from their own country. Last June, Roman Catholic Bishop Luigi Padovese, was preparing to leave Turkey en route to meet Pope Benedict XVI when he was stabbed to death in front of his home by his own driver. As of yet, no indictment has been filed by prosecutors. Monsignor Raggero Fancheschini told a meeting at the Vatican the driver was merely a pawn in a much larger plan to kill Christian leaders. He charged it was really a “dark plot of complicity between ultra nationalists and religious fanatics” in the country to destroy the Christian church in Turkey. Of course, there are religious fanatics in Turkey as there are in most nations of the world. It would help to reassure Turkish Christians if the government expedited presenting an indictment of who was responsible for this death.

In the meantime, we have it on good authority that Tom Hanks is getting ready to play an investigator in Turkey who solves this crime.