Turkish Opposition Learns From US Republicans

It may or may not be comforting to know there are nut cases in Turkey who seek to emulate the hate being spread in America by right wing Republicans. Turkish opposition leader, Deniz Baykai blasted Prime Minister Erdogan for seeking to reach out to political officials in pro-Kurdish parties in an effort to end conflict and discord. The prime minister supposedly met with Abdullah Ocalan, the imprisoned leader of the outlawed Kurdistan Workers’ Party, but the government refuses to acknowledge the exact content of those discussions.

The Turkish government is acting responsibly be engaging in dialogue with those who believe Kurds have been mistreated in order to identify steps that can be taken to respect the rights and needs of Kurds. If Kurds believe they have equal opportunities to succeed in Turkey they will cease supporting terrorist forces which rely on violence to achieve their aims. Deputy Prime Minister Bulent Arnc noted his party was taking a political risk which could backfire in elections by discussing issues with Kurdish rebels. However, they are to be commended for refusing to allow voices of hate to overcome possibilities for voices of peace to succeed.