Turkish People Threatened By Turkish Govt!

Turkey for many years has been a symbol of a Muslim nation which has a modern economy, a solid education system that offers a modern curriculum, and a society in which people of diverse Muslim views as well as those of other religions can live in harmony with one another. Under leadership of the Justice and Development Party(AKP) a modern Islamic society has been created. But, recently, there has emerged a tendency to protect the government and those who work for it from criticism and charges of corruption. Selahattin Demitras of the opposition Democratic Party charges the AKP with seeking to create a parallel state in which its members are protected even when they engage in corrupt practices. “Isn’t building a parallel state a crime? He wants an end to firing of prosecutors and judges who are charging leading members of government from engaging in corrupt practices.

Ironically,President Gul of the AKP supports further investigations and an end to firing members of the police department who are doing their duty. He also wants Prime Minister Recep Erdogan to cease harassing judges and removing them from office because they support prosecution of several key members of the AKP who currently have key posts in the government.

Listen to your President, he is telling the truth!!