Turkish PM Compares Former President As A Hitler!

There is a propensity among Middle Eastern Arab leaders to throw around the word, Hitler, at anyone or anything that do not like. Of course, when “Hitler” is not used, there is always the old reliable, “Holocaust” to depict anything from a car accident to a gun exchange in which five people died. Turkish Prime Minister Recep Erdogan does not like the man who became the second president of Turkey in 1938 following the death of Kemal Ataturk. Erdogan blasted actions of Ismet Inonu for removing pictures of Ataturk from public institutions and for returning 158 Turkish refugees back to Russian authorities. Erdogan warned anyone who disagreed with his interpretation of Inonu that he had access to even worse examples of the Hitlerian approach to this man who was once president of Turkey.

Israel forces invade Gaza and kill several hundred innocent people and this becomes a “Holocaust” in the eyes of Arab leaders. Over 500,000 Tutus are killed in Rwanda but that never receives the name of “Holocaust.” Israel builds a wall which is part of discriminatory actions against Palestinians and this is an example of “Holocaust” but the death of FIVE MILLION IN THE CONGO is just some killing.

Oh, just try saying the murder of over a million Armenians was an example of “genocide” and Turkish fury erupts. On the other hand, Israel arrest of innocent Palestinians is a horror beyond comparison, certainly nothing like murdering five million!