Turkish PM Says Will Of People Led To Israel Action

The state of Israel has done an outstanding job of isolating itself from the rest of the world and the evidence mounts just about every day. Turkey has long been Israel’s main supporter in the Middle East and the two nations for decades have conducted joint military maneuvers, but a proposed exercise was cancelled by Turkey. Prime Minister Erdogan told an interviewer from Al-Arabia he had bowed to the “will of the people” who wanted action against Israel for the invasion of Gaza. Turkey also signed a treaty of cooperation with Syria even though both nations several years ago were on the brink of war.

What exactly will it take to convince the people of Israel their present policy of antagonizing other nations is counter-productive to their national interests? Even Egypt and Jordan are upset at Israel’s actions in areas like the west bank settlements and the invasion of Gaza. The future of Israel and its long sought quest for peace lies in working with moderate Muslims, not infuriating them by a selfish desire to do as they wish regardless of the cost to relations with other nations.