Turkish President Warns Of Dangers Posed By Apologizing

President Abdullah Gull warned of serious consequences that might arise if people in Turkey pushed for their nation to apologize for the slaughter of Armenians by the Ottoman empire in 1915. Gull had reached out to Armenia in order to establish cordial relations with the Armenian nation, but the thought of even discussing the possibility of an apology caused him to warn, “I do not think they make a positive contribution” and will only lead to “polarization” between the two nations. He insisted Turkey was a democratic nation and people had the right to discuss all issues– of course, free discussion of the Armenian genocide is not allowed in Turkish schools. In his view, of the role of higher education, “I want our universities not to become a platform for daily politics, but make attempts to increase Turkey’s power.”

The president of Turkey does not seem to grasp the role of a university is to pursue the path of intellectual research, and if that leads to uncovering a truth about the Armenian massacre that does not please politicians, the university must publish its results regardless of who is upset. It would be helpful if President Gull asked leading scholars from throughout the world to study events of 1915 and issue an objective report.

The American government has apologized for the internment during World War II of Japanese residents. The apology has been a healing action, not one that caused anger.

  • JOHN

    The internment of Japanese americans actually saved many lives.The apology should have been “we are sorry it happened,but under the circumstances what did you expect?” Turkey in my view should simply say “stop it already.If you want to be Turkish people of Armenian descent fine, if not move to another country and bitch about your history to someone who cares ! “

  • http://www.theimpudentobserver.com Fred Stopsky

    Members of the Roosevelt Cabinet such as Sec. of Interior Harold Ickes did not believe there was any danger to America or to Japanese Americans. I have no idea what you mean by “saved many lives.”