Turkish Prime Minister Defends Actions Towards Court

Prime Minister Recep Erdogan defended the actions of his Justice and Development Party(AKP in the present conflict with the Constitutional Court of Turkey. He told women delegates to the AKP that his party is not the one responsible for the current crisis over threats by the Constitutional Court to declare the AKP leaders as violating the constitution by their efforts to impose Muslim laws upon the secular nation. Erdogan sharply denied there was any such attempt, and he emphasized his belief in separation of powers and his respect for the “principle of the supremacy of law which applies to everyone.”

A court statement released last week charged the Erdogan government of attempting to stack the court system with judges who support their points of view. It also charged his administration is endeavoring to influence the current closure case dealing which seeks to close down the AKP. A spokesperson had responded to the court statement by claiming the behavior of the courts was “eroding the public trust in the judiciary.”

President Gul, who is a member of the AKP, is trying to bring together representatives of various political parties in an effort to end the constitutional crisis. The Chief Prosecutor is asking the Constituional Court to impose a five year ban on 71 politicians, including 33 AKP members as well as Prime Minister Erdogan and President Gul.