Turkish Prime Minister Voews To Defend Democrac

Prime Minister Recep attacked a decision by his nation’s top court to hear a case brought by the chief prosecutor which would declare the Justice and Development Party(AKP) to be an unconstitutional political organization because it threatens the existence of secular institutions in Turkey. “Attempts to weaken politics will not only hurt the nation but weaken the state as well,” he claimed. Erdogan emphasized Turkey is a stable democracy and the nation will not tolerate allowing the Constitutonal Court decide which political parties can stand for election.

Erdogan insisted actions by the court would not interfere with his government’s efforts to gain entry into the European Union nor to work toward ending the ban which forbids women to wear a headscarf while attending university. He also said that parliament would not be asked to change the constitution to forbid the court from rendering a decision. Many Turkish politicians claim the court has no right to even consider a ban on President Gul since once assumng that office he no longer is engaged in the political process.

Turkey is a stable democracy in which those of secular feelings enjoy all rights as guaranteed under the constitution. To argue that at some future date these rights will be abrogated violates all principles of democracy. The record so far is that Erdogan and his party have abided by constitutional principles. They should only be evaluated on actions not on what might happen in the future.