Turkish Prme Minster Urges Conciliation

Prme Minister Recp ERdogan reached out to his secular political opponents in an effort to reach some form of agreement which would satisfy their concerns over his religious minded Justice and Development Party’s(AKP) actions. There is great concern in Turkey over attempts by secular minded leaders to have the Constitutional Court declare the AKP as an unconstitutional political organization which seeks to over throw the secular foundation of the Turkish nation. Erdogan said, “We will never make our people pay a price for this. Turkey cannot be turned away from its democratic path.” He promised his party will do its best to respect the secular democratic nature of the nation.

Erdogan is caught between the law case seeking closure of his party and Turkey’s neeed to make constitutional changes in order to meet requirements of the European Union. The EU demands ending laws which make criminal any critical remarks made about the government. The AKP has to assure secular minded Turks there will not be any attempt to impose shariah law on the people of Turkey or force religion to become part of educational or government institutions.