Turkish Students Investigated For Terrorism!

Turkey has been confronted with evidence a group of influential members of the military, journalists, businessmen and others were engaged in a plot to overthrow the Turkish government which is led by the Muslim centered Justice and Development Party. Thousands of innocent students have somehow become embroiled in a political dispute because they received financial assistance from the Contemporary Living Association(CYDD). This organization provides scholarships to girls from poverty backgrounds and investigators have been attempting to form a linkage between CYDD and the Ergenekon plot.

These days is is virtually impossible for individuals to become subject to investigation because they donated money to X charity or their name got on an organization’s mailing list — not difficult to occur in the modern age. But, to conduct an investigation of 15,000 scholarship girls borders on madness. The girls were happy to receive financial aid and not one in a thousand had any idea what some members of CYDD were or were not planning. This is McCarthyism at its worst and young women are the object.