Turkish Troops Deep Into Iraq

Turkish troops continued their advance into Iraq in pursuit of members of the Kurdish Workers Party(PKK) and despite earlier claims the incursion was only proceeding into immediate border areas, the Turkish army has gone much further into Iraq. There are reports of shelling by Turkish units in the Kandil Mountains, a Kurdish stronghold which is located about 100 kilometers inside Iraq. The Kandil Mountains border on Iran which indicates Turkish troops are almost fighting within sight of Iran.

High ranking Turkish military officials claim ‘intelligence we have received suggests the so-called leaders(of the PKK) are in a panic and trying to flee the region by moving rapidly to the south.” This raises the question as to whether Turkish troops will move further into Iraq territory or will they end the incursion at the Kandil Mountains. A reported 79 Kurds and 7 soldiers have been killed.

One can only wonder at the Iranian reaction to military fighting on its borders. Of course, the Iranian government shares the Turkish feeling of hostility towards the PKK.