Turkish View Of Gaza Conflict

Turkish Foreign Minister Ali Babacan said attacks on Gaza had made impossible his nation’s continuation in a mediating role between Syria and Israel. “We call upon Israel to immediately stop the military operations. The continuation of the conflict may spread beyond the boundaries of Gaza and reach another phase that would pose a serious risk for the region.” The Foreign Minister also urged Hamas to halt rocket attacks on Israel and called on the international community to provide humanitarian assistance for the Palestinians in the territory. Babacan made clear to Israel, “To make war on the Israeli-Palestinian track and at the same time make peace on the Israeli-Syrian track–these two cannot go together.”

Babacan expressed his nation’s deep disappointment with the Israel air attacks but emphasized, “I repeat my call for an immediate cease-fire. The guns should be silenced and diplomacy should start working.” Turkish Prime Minister Recept Tayyip Erodgan termed the air assault as a “crime against humanity.” Turkish president Gul said he had been in contact with President Ahmadinejad of Iran and during his conversation said the first task is to establish and cease-fire and provide humanitarian aid.

We offer these comments without editorial comment on our part.