Turkish Women Unite For Equal Rights

Turkish women groups have urged introduction of education at all levels of society that would heighten awareness of the need for gender equity. Their demand was in response to a decision of the European Court of Human Rights which punished the Turkish government for failure to provide its female citizens with better protection against domestic abuse. Hulya Gulbar, chairwoman of the Association for Educating and Supporting Women Candidates, said, “there m ust be gender equality education for the whole of society, including the president and the prime minister.” Women are now claiming the Turkish government has a responsibility to protect women who are being abused by husbands in their family lives. This is a new concept for many Muslim societies.

Turkey, like several other Muslim societies has not addressed the issue of abuse by husband of their wives. Fortunately, Turkish women are not taking a meek attitude but now have the support of an European Union court to fight for their rights.