Turks Disappointed In Prime Minister Erdogan

The rise of the Justice and Development Party(AKP) to power in Turkey was greeted by many people as a new political departure for their nation. Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan led a Muslim based party that pledged to create a democratic society that respected secular values while still remaining true to its Muslim foundation. He made vigorous efforts to stimulate the economy and worked to end corruption which had long been a major issue in the nation. The AKP led the fight for Turkey to enter the European Union and assume a new leadership on the world scene. Some claim he came on as an Obama, but eventually proved that he was nothing more than a Bush. A recent survey by the Anakara-based MetroPOll Strategic and Social Research Center revealed many believe he has abandoned his liberal views and was becoming more of a status quo person who defends religious rights in situations that only serve to divide the nation.

Erdogan angered many Kurds for recent remarks when he was in Kurdish areas that appeared to indicate he really did not care what members of the Kurdish minority thought or desired. The poll revealed nearly 60% of respondents to not believe Erdogan can help deal with the Kurdish issue.

A major source of complaint is the mishandling of the chador issue when he tried to end the ban on women wearing one in universities. Many believe he did not work to achieve a consensus by working with secular groups to develop a compromise.