Turn Around! Big Brother Is Watching You Read This!!

As you read these words, have you considered the possibility that Big Brother government is leaning over your shoulder to read what you read and make note of what you read or send?Millions of people in the United Kingdom who use social networking sites such as Facebook or MySpace might soon have their every visit recorded in the big book of the government in order to continue the search for terrorists, or at least the search for subversives who for some reason do not agree with the government. British Ministers have aroused a storm or protest over their plan to store information about every phone call, email land internet visit. Vernon Coaker, the Home Office minister disclosed that social networking sites could be forced to retain information about the users’ web-browsing habits.

After all if we are really serious about dealing with terrorists and bad people and God knows who else who does not fit our definition of being a “nice person” isn’t it about time we really got serious about searching. I hear there are also plans to have the Home Office monitor when and for how long people go to the toilet in order to develop a “Shit Index” which would provide precise data on how long people are on the toilet shitting instead of checking their homes and streets for terrorists.

Gee, I wonder what the Government will do with all those Valentine Day messages–store them in order to develop a “love talk index?” We need more data, the more data one has, the more one can defeat terrorism.