TuTu Toots Dislike Of Blair!

Tony Blair used to be prime minister of England and was a close buddy of that great American statesman–George Bush. Archbishop Desmond Tutu was supposed to attend a conference in Johanneburg and share a platform with Mr. Blair. He made clear that any decent moral human could not be on the same platform with a man who lied to the people of England and lied to the world about Iraq.

Blair insisted there were Weapons of Mass Destruction in Iraq even though provided evidence that no such installations were present in the country. Tutu is right, Tony Blair proceeded to send hundreds of English men to their deaths in search of WMD that never existed and Blair knew they did not.]

A spokesperson for Blair responded, “as far as Iraq is concerned they have always disagreed about removing Saddam by force-such disagreement is part of healthy discourse.”  The issue is not Saddam, the issue is lying about the causes of war!