TV Ad Scares People Into Not Buying!

At the birth of advertising, the goal was to portray one’s product in a favorable manner in order to entice customers to purchase the item. We have come a long way from a pretty girl holding up a pack of cigarettes and smiling given the sounds, sights and blasting music of modern ads. A commercial for Apoliva, a Swedish personal care product, has created a stir on Facebook because the model who is hawking the product has become more of an interest than what she is trying to sell. The 30 second advertisement set to the haunting tones of a Swedish folk song, depicts a close-up of a rather sullen and emaciated supermodel named Adina Fohlin who is standing in the snow and rain. About 100,000 Swedes who saw the ad have joined a Facebook group that claims Apoliva “has begun to run a commercial that is frightening.” They fear the haunting images will soon enter their dreams– and send them off to a lonely place where there is sun and lightening?

Frankly, ads which depict happy people swilling down beer or lighting up one are the most frightening images on television. The sight of a brave young man dressed in a neat uniform with a smile on his face beckoning one and all to join the Marines and get killed is a might more frightening than a woman standing in a murky scene.