Tweet, Tweet Go The Cops

I begin with a confession to never having sent out tweets to the world. I do not possess an iPad and I do not fiddle with my fingers while having a cup of coffee. I am among the Neanderthals of the past who resort to pen and paper and so love to chat with a person rather than engage in talks with machines. The Interior Ministry in Spain was planning a raid on Basque “terrorists” and decided to make certain everyone in Spain knew they were fighting the bad guys so they sent out a tweet which explained the raid and the object of the raid. After all, if one is making a surprise raid on the “bad guys’ it is only kosher to let them know. After dispatch of the tweet one of the bright guys in the Interior Ministry decided this was not the best idea in the world and deleted the tweet.

I do not know if this is good or bad news but the “bad guys” apparently were not gazing at tweets and were captured. This great sweep caught in its net eight “bad guys.” Two of them were lawyers for Basque separatist groups who apparently discussed with those not in jail what they were discussing with those in jail. Yes, there are terrorist Basques who have resorted to violence and murder. They have killed 829 people in 40 years. That comes out to about twenty a year. Heck, they readily achieve that figure in America during a month due to our “Terrorist” gun attitudes.