Twelve Terrorist Suspects Arrested In Netherlands

The newspaper report said that twelve terrorist suspects were arrested by an elite police unit in the Netherlands. The group of Muslim terrorists were supposed to be planning an attack on an unidentified target in the country. After arresting the twelve “terrorist suspects” on Friday, police on Sunday released five of the “terrorist suspects” without making public the reason for their release. I am confused. If there were twelve “terrorist suspects,” then why were five released within two days? Can we assume the five were NOT “terrorist suspects” and there was confusion in the alleged “elite police unit” about who the heck they were arresting? The report mentions an “unnamed target” that was allegedly going to be blown up. It is clear that nearly half of the “terrorist suspects” were not terrorists so we can assume the alleged target was not a target.

The media loves reporting arrests of “terrorists” but rarely do they follow up as to whether the alleged suspects were actually terrorists. It is much more exciting frightening people than telling them it was all a big mistake.