Twelve Year Old Will Not Get Divorce From 80 Year Old

It is wonderful to have the 15th century nation of Saudi Arabia as a leader in the fight to secure freedom in the world. If not for the alliance with a nation that not only produces oil, but is among the world leaders in defending rights of women. A twelve year old Saudi girl has given up her petition for a divorce from an 80 year-old man who her father forced her to marry. The girl and her mother fought for the right of this young girl to be freed from sexual servitude to an old geezer. The girl unexpectedly told the court she married with full knowledge he was 80, and she was not coerced.

Dad received about $25,000 for allowing the old man to marry his daughter. The case was reported early in January and at the time the girl pleaded for help in avoiding being married. Saudi Arabia has no laws preventing young girls from being forced to marry against their will. It is tradition and who has the right to argue against tradition?