Twists and Turns of the Sun

Today, we go around the minds of right wing supporters of Bush and examine how they travel the yellow brick road toward nowhere.

I make it a point every day to read the New York Sun because it is part of my daily regimen in confronting my mind with the cuteness of smirking little boys and girls who are never wrong. In yesterday’s editorial, The New York Sun derided Senator Clinton for changing her mind. “Mrs. Clinton did not object to our entry either into the global war on terror or the battle of Iraq. On the contrary, she voted for it.” The editorial seeks to connect Lincoln’s attitude toward first opposing the war with Mexico but subsequently supporting funding with this observation: “It’s hard to imagine what Lincoln would have made of Mrs. Clinton, who started out in Illinois, when she claims to ‘fully support our troops’ but then votes against funding for the war in which they are risking everything.” But, listen to the concluding portion of the editorial: “The more one reads about it, the more one gets the sense that Lincoln might have wondered why Mr. Bush has been so punctilious about the legal niceties. It’s hard to imagine Lincoln would not have understood Mr. Bush on the larger issues, particularly his understanding of, and his willingness to shoulder, the responsibilities of the president in a time of war.”

Wow! Where does one begin with this claptrap of nonsense? How about George Bush being “punctilious about the legal niceties.” Could any historian or anyone who has read the writings of Lincoln believe for a single moment that he would have allowed torturing of captured soldiers –whether in uniform or not? Lincoln did fully support his soldiers. He even went to see the bodies of dead soldiers – unlike George Bush. He was hurt by the deaths of his own soldiers and the deaths of his enemies. Contrast the Gettysburg Address with the moral platitudes of Bush. In the Gettysburg Address (it comes after a battle in which thousands of his soldiers have been killed) Lincoln refuses to express an angry word against the Confederates but shares in the agony of their deaths. Just remember, Sun, about 300,000 Union soldiers died, but Lincoln has no hatred toward the enemy.

Now, as for Senator Clinton voting for the war, let’s return to the record. Her president presented a pack of lies about WMD and threats to America that he knew were inaccurate but useful in persuading Congress to support his war. Clinton actually believed her president was telling the truth. She, together with millions of Americans, learned Bush lied and subsequently changed her mind. If one truly wants to “support our troops” then one must vote to end the insanity of Iraq. By the way, Sun, polls conducted by the military continually indicate at least half the troops have concluded the war is not winnable. So, Senator Clinton is doing what is best for the troops, getting them out of harm’s way.

My final question to the Sun—why is it permissible for Republicans to change their minds – remember the WMD – but if Democrats change minds they are hypocritical?
Information from The New York Sun