Twitter, Twitter, Not In Turkey

The Turkish government of Prime Minister Recep Erdogan is very upset at stuff that appears on Twitter and has decided to send one last Twitter informing that organization it was no longer to be tweeting in the nation of Turkey. Finance Minister Mehmet Sinsad emphasized that while his government believed in freedom of speech, it was another thing when a major company believes “it is above the law.” After all, the issue is really not about freedom of speech, but when Twitter was told “to remove the material” what else could the government do but cease tweeting, not only for self, but for others. President Abdullah Gul has opposed the attack on Twitter arguing to his prime minister that in the 21st century a government simply cannot halt modern technology. He wants the ban to end and for Erdogan to engage in dialogue with Twitter.

Meanwhile, the United States State Department website blasted the censorship of Twitter. Douglas Frantz, Assistant Secretary of State for Public Affairs, made clear censoring Twitter was simply a “21st century book burning” which will not make the Turkish government come across as a strong one.